In Loving Memory of
Henry Krause

April 12, 1925 - September 11, 2011


Henry Krause was born on April 12, 1925 to Henry and Anna Krause in Chicago, they lived on Sedgwick Street. He lost his dad when he was only 3 and as a young adolescent, he started helping his mom support the family. That was the start of a very hard working man. His family lived in an Italian neighborhood and his future wife Dorothy Curcuro was a neighbor.

In 1943 when Henry turned 18 in his senior year in High School, he was drafted to the United States Army. After boot camp was completed, he was sent overseas to prepare for the landing on the beach of Normandy, France on D-Day. The German Measles kept him on the ship for an additional two days and he missed the original landing. On the 3rd day, he landed on the beach of Normandy where he saw nothing but horror. He spoke many times of walking over the bodies of Americans and British as he worked his way to the wall that had to be climbed. He had many memories of World War Two. He was an infantryman and told us many stories of how he fought and survived during that war. Some of his stories were our favorites and he told the stories to each generation. For food, the soldiers were issued K-Rations and thick chocolate bars. He disliked the K-Rations and traded them for the thick chocolate bars. He lined the pockets of his jackets with many of those chocolate bars.

He was injured twice but he didn't have a perfect recollection of the first injury. He remembed seeing a German tank approach and when he awoke, he was in a fox hole and was injured. He was told he rolled into the fox hole after being shot and the tank rolled over the fox hole. After he recovered from those injuries, he was sent back to the front lines. The second time he was wounded by a German grenade; the shrapnel was embedded in the chocolate bars in his chest and saved his life. He had major injuries to his arms and legs but the chocolate saved him and the surgeons were amazed as to how close that shrapnel had come to his heart. He was sent back to England, then back to the States where he recovered and was soon honorably discharged from active duty. He received two purple hearts.

For many years, he would tell us the war stories. He spoke many times of how it bothered him to have killed so many in the war, but he knew it was his job. He was very concerned that he would go to hell for all the killing. He asked me many times if he would go to hell for what he did. It seemed to bother him the most in his last weeks. He asked me to pray with him and ask God to take him to Heaven in spite of it all. These were some of the things he spoke of in his last 12 hours of his life?

In April 1945; Henry married his childhood sweetheart, Dorothy Curcuro. They were married for 48 years untill Dorothy died on September 11, 1993. After the war, Henry came back to Chicago and was issued one of the first Medallion Licenses for a cab which became the American United Cab Company in Chicago. He worked endless hours on that cab while his family was growing and didn?t sell that cab until the 1990?s. He had 3 children, AnnaMarie, Joe and Carol. He saw them grow and get married, giving him and Dorothy five Grandchildren and five Great-Grandchildren.

When Henry had cardiac bypass surgery at the age of 60, he retired. He enjoyed those retirement years and traveled and found the fun of the casinos. He made numerous trips to Las Vegas and really enjoyed those golden years. After his health started failing when he was 82, he moved in with his eldest daughter and son-in-law, AnnaMarie and Gary and Great-Grandson David. He continued to enjoy casinos, but no longer was able to go to Las Vegas. He eventually was content going as much as possible to the local Casino Boats. He was taken to those Casinos often by his Children, Granddaughter Sharon and his Caregiver Anna. He truly loved the casinos and the fun of gaming.

His favorite pastimes in those final years were watching his favorite TV shows, such as War Movies, Mash, Hogans Heroes, Westerns and the gaming shows. He also spent countless hours playing his favorite casino video games. Even in his last days, he would reach for his casino game and would play. In the last year of his life, his health and mind were failing, but he still loved life. Henry was fortunate to have a wonderful and caring caregiver Anna, for the last 3 years. Anna cared for Henry as if he were her own father. They shared good times together, such as going shopping, going to casinos, and playing endless card games together. Anna was honored by being at Henrys side for most of the day only hours before he left us.

He loved his kids, grandkids and great grandkids. He grew very fond of his eldest Great-Grandson David, who was instrumental in his care that last year. David would always joke with Henry and was always able to make him laugh. Even when Henry wasnt feeling well, he always perked up for his beloved David. David was also honored to hold his Grandpas hand in the hours before he died. AnnaMarie and Gary were also at his side in the hours just before died in his sleep, peacefully and quietly only two hours after they left. Henry will be missed by all his family and friends.

Henry, Dad, Grandpa, Until We Meet Again....
...Rest In Peace...

Favorite Memories of My Dad, Henry

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Mom is now with Dad, Rest In Peace, Both of you...


My Dear Family,
You woke up thinking of me again today. Your heart is heavy and
you look so sad. I feel your pain and I promise that
it will get better. I am doing wonderful now, I am happy and
I have no more pain..I am in His Good Hands, and I have seen
His Face. I know it's hard to be without someone that has been with you
all your life and I miss you too.

But I am in a good place, I like it here. As each day passes, things
will get better and your lives will go on as they should; but it was my time to go...
I know I should have checked in with you sooner, but I was so busy when I first arrived here.
After I was greeted by an Angel and taken to the Supreme Being Himself, I saw someone...
She looked the same as when I first met her.. Your Mom is here too, she is radiant and
happy and healthy again! We both are! My mind and body are young again, and I don't need
that stinkin' walker any more! I have also found many other familiar faces here... what a wonderful place! As I was getting familiar with my surroundings, I felt a familiar touch, I looked down and there was my precious little red dachshund NANCY!!! YES! She is
here too! And she spends her days trying to sit on my lap all day
just like she used to do, what a pleasant surprise!

Please take comfort in knowing that my pain has ended and your hearts will soon mend,
but always know that I am with you. Remember the values I taught you and go on to live
long, healthy and happy lives! Love one another and remember that I am with you always
...until we meet again...

~~ Love Dad, Grandpa ~~


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