The Reunion

As with most days at Rainbow Bridge, this day dawned bright and clear, without a cloud in the sky to mar the perfection of the day. But, the sun seemed just a little bit brighter. The sky just a touch bluer. The grass even looked just a little bit greener. All of the animals at The Bridge knew what a day like this meant. REUNION!

Who would be the lucky animal who's person would arrive to escort him or her across The Bridge? One of the newer arrivals came bounding across the fields, jumping and playing the whole way until he reached the side of one of the animals who had been there a while.

"Have you ever seen such a glorious day?", he asked. "Come on! Let's romp and play! We can't let a day like this go to waste just waiting!"

But the other animal knew that today was going to be special. "Be patient," she told her little friend. "Today will be even more glorious than you can imagine. Today, there is going to be a reunion. Some lucky animal's wait for their person is over. Today, someone is going to cross over that Bridge."

Before long, all of the animals waiting at the Bridge were lined up along the path that led to it. Soon, the pathway itself began to glow and someone could be seen approaching in the distance. The new arrival and his friend looked up the path to see who the lucky animal was.

"Oh my!" exclaimed the older animal. "Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!". Her body began to quiver and his eyes lit with a fire that the newer arrival didn't know how to interpret. Her ears perked up and she got to her feet and, as she started running down the path, she yelled back to her new friend, "Wait here! This is MY MOM coming! Wait here for us! I'll be right back! Wait here!"

When she finally reached his Mom, her eyes and her heart finally were able to speak in plain language of the love she had nurtured for her Mom all during her long wait. Her Mom reached down and scratched her head, and gazed lovingly into the eyes that had been so long gone, but never forgotten. And she spoke to her beloved pet of how much she had been missed and how her love had never faded for her either.

When they returned to where the newer pup was waiting, the older animal gazed up at her Mom and said "This is the animal that you and your friends asked me to watch over. I've done my best for him and he's learned well." Then she turned to her little friend and told him, "You've been a good friend. When you arrived, lonely and scared, you couldn't have known that this person and her friends had been asking for me to look for you and take care of you and show you around. Now, I ask you to listen carefully for your persons voice and do for those new arrivals as I was asked to do for you."

"You're leaving?" asked the new pup. "I must", came the reply. "But, when your time comes to finally cross over the Bridge, I will see you again. I'll miss you greatly, but my time has come and my place is with her.", he said, looking up at his Mom once again.

With that, they turned and started to cross the Bridge. The new pup was happy for his friend, although he would miss her too. As he watched, he heard a familiar voice calling his name and saw a new arrival walking up the pathway. He knew what he had to do.

"Hi! You're new here, aren't you?"...

~~ Author, Benny Archuleta ~~




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