HI Everybody! Remember Me?


I told you I would be watching from above and supervising these new kids that I sent my parents! So, Here I am in all my Glory!
My Mom seems to be feeling better since I sent her Nancy and Frankie, so lets go right in and meet these adorable kids!
It gives me great pleasure to introduce

On September 3, 2008, Nancy Marie died and joined Pippy at the Bridge. Nancy died of the same illness that took Pippy, AIHA. Please Visit our beautiful girl's Memorial Nancy' Memorial Website

Our Home will not be the same without her.

Rest In Peace Nancy

Nancy and Frankie's Baby Book Pages

Nancy and Frankie's Baby Book  The First Year
Nancy's First Pictures   Thirteen Weeks Old
Frankie's Photos Frankies First Photos
Nancy's Second Week Fifteen Weeks Old
Nancy and Frankie Eighteen Weeks Old
May, 2001 Baby Book May, 2001
May-June, Continued Baby Book May-June, 2001
June, 2001, Frankie's Relatives Frankie's Relatives
July, 2001, Continued Baby Book July, 2001
August, 2001, First Professional Pictures August, 2001
August, 2001, Other August Photos August, 2001
September, 2001, Our First Dachsie Picnic September, 2001
October, 2001, Continued Baby Book October, 2001
December, 2001, Our First Christmas December, 2001
December, 2001, Our First Birthday December, 2001

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