See Sammy's Beginning Training Photos!

He was Born September 9, 2006 at
at Xanadu Show Dogs
in Rockford, IL

Sammy's Training and First Trial Photos!

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Sammy's Progress Report: 2008, 2009 and 2010:


Oct 2007 - Still Unreliable in Potty Training
Oct 2007 - Improving in Obedience Training!
Dec 2007 - Weaving Correctly!
Dec 2007 - Now in Advanced Beginners Agility!

January 2008, Goes to Windy City Party!

January 2008, Attends first Agility Fun Match at NOCI
Doesn't do well, very distracted, Refused Weave Polls

February 2008, doing quite well in Agility and
improving in obedience

Feb 26, 2008 - 17 Months - 'Graduates' from
Rand Park Obedience Club - Advanced Beginners,
at least there is an improvement in his 'stays'

18 Months Old - March 1, 2008, Sam was entered in
his very first CPE agility Trial, Sam Qd 4 out of 4 trials
and Earned his CL1-F title!
See Sam's Agility Record Sammy's Agility Record
See Sam's Agility Trials Photo Album Photo Album

April 19, 2008, Sam earns his CL1-R title at
Round Lake Sports Arena!

May 1, 2008, Sammy is improving on his obedience
Now jumps 12" in Agility
Potty Training is much improved Finally!

In May, Sam starts Dana Pike Agility Classes
for one summer session!

In June 2008, Sam has finally mastered the Weave Poles!
In July, 2008, Sam performs in more CPE
Does a good job, still needs more control

In July 2008, starts UKC training with Kim DeBenedictus
and also gets his first Nadac Qualifying Score!

August 2008, Sam starts getting worse in Agility, could be stress

In September-October 2008, Sam is even worse in
agility trials, hopefully we can get back on track. He now
refuses to weave at home, class or trials. His behavior
in trials is mostly having the zoomies.

November 2008, 26 Months, behavior is the same,
and We have cut back on trialing

Spring 2009, we got some Q's, seemed better

Walked in Memorial Day Parade!

Summer Trials not good, usually not much attention,
Always runs off and NQs
August 2009, FINALLY behaved at a TDAA trial
and got THREE Qs! No Running off!

Sammy FINALLY got his AG2 title!
At least he is staying IN the ring!

Nov 2009, Another CPE Trial at Wags, Sam is
improving, better focus, got his CL2-H Title!
This is the last title of the year....


January 2010, Sammy and Joey go to another
WindyCity Club Award Dinner, we had a great time!
Sam and Joe participated in games, Joey was the BEST!

February 27, Sammy was a WONDERFUL dog at the
CPE agility Trial in Spring Grove, he got a CL2-S
title and performed nicely, seems he is maturing!

March 1, Joey is now SEVEN years old!
Will celebrate with Doggie Cake and Presents!

March 14, 2010, Sammy again succeeds at
agility and gets his CL2-F Title, Finishing Level 2!

April 4, 2010, Easter Sunday!
Sammy Participates in FYC Easter Egg Hunt and Party!
We had a blast joining in the fun games, agility, obedience
and hunting plastic treat eggs! Sam took a picture with the bunny!
He was exhausted but had a great time!

Saturday, April 10, 2010,
Our First NADAC Title! Excellent Runs!

April 24, 2010, Another Great CPE Day!
Good behavior and 3 out of 5 Qs!

Mary 29, 2010, UKC agility at FYC, DISAPPOINTING!
4 out of 4 NQs, Sam just couldn't focus....

June 12, 2010, CPE at Wags, a little better behavior,
Stayed in ring, better focus, got his CL3-H Title!

July 2010, FINALLY got a 200 Score in UKC at Smack-Dab!!

Nov 13, 2010; Sam got his CL3-R CPE TItle!

Oct 21, 2012; Sammy got his CL-4 Title Completed!!

September 2013; Sammy got his
CPE Championship Title! C-ATCH!

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