Welcome to Joey's First Photo Album! IS THIS BRINKSTER OR DOTCOM

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Joey's Mother -
Kinders Rosewood Aime
with Jan DuBois

1st Day Home
12 Weeks Old

Joey's GodParents,
and our good friends!
Bonnie and Dennie!
Midwest Dachshund Rescue

Sharon, our daughter
1st Day Home

Joey and his Dad, STRATA!
at the DCGL Specialty Show
Kinders Striated Illusion MS
and Joey - 14 weeks old

Us with Joe and
his Dad, Strata

Bonnie and Dennie
with Joey and Strata!

Mom with Joe
and Strata!

Nancy finally allows Joe
to get close!

Frankie is warming up
to Joe after a week!

By the second week,
Nancy checks out the
puppy in the basket!

Nancy just watches
the tired pup!

Frankie and Joey
share a bed to chew bones!

Didn't take long for
Joey to learn to have
a Toilet Paper Party
by himself!

The 3rd week - Nancy
finally plays with Joey!

Hey! Play Nice!
What a face!

HAH! Try to take
that photo again Mom!

We won't sit still!
Try to catch us!

All 3 together
on a warm sunny morning!

Joe's first car ride,
in his car seat,
going to school!

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Last Updated on April 5, 2013