Favorite Photos from 2005-2006
DachsieFest, Christmas 2005,
Nancy and Frankie's 5th Birthday 2005!
Other Memorable Moments!
Joey's 2005 to the Present Progress Report

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DachsieFest 2006 Photos below!
Danville, IL

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Joey's Continued Progress Report - 2005 to the Present:

July, 2005 - Joey earns his AKC NJP TITLE
and his RL-1 Rally TITLE!

August, 2005, Joey earns 1st legs in
CPE Agility, Level 2

Sept, 2005, Joey wins 1st Place in
Best Trick Contest at DoxieFest AGAIN!

Sept 2005, Joey wins his UAGI and

Sept 2005 - Joey and I participate in a
rally and agility demo at For Your Canine
Schiller Park, IL

Dec 2005, Joey gets CPE Level 2
Agilty titles!

December 2005, Joey places 12th
in APDT Top 20 Achievements
2nd Highest Daschshund Points in U.S.

July 2006, Joey earns his
APDT Championship TITLE (ARCH)
as well as his

August 2006, Joey earns his Level 3
APDT Rally Title!

For the 4th Year, Joey won
FIRST Place in the Best Trick Contest
at DachsieFest 2006!

For Joey's Agility/Rally Achievments, be sure
to see his Agility/Rally Record
To date, Joey has 23 Titles!

December 31, 2006,
Joey Gets Awards Certificates
At Windy City Agility Club
See his Award  Certificate
Plus a 2nd  Certificate

July 2007, Joey earns his
APDT Championship Excellent TITLE (ARCHX)
as well as his
UKC Agility CHAMPIONSHIP Excellent! (UACHX)!
Very Exciting for both of us!

Other various Titles were earned this year,
in 2007, Joey has earned eleven more titles,
This makes 36 titles for Joey!

Joey earns his Windy City Title Award
for 2007, See his
Award  Certificate

Due to Back Surgery in January 2008, Joey is permanently
retired from Competion, We are all
praying that Joey has a complete recovery

At 4 Weeks Post-Op, Joey starts Physical Therapy!
At 9 Weeks Post-Op, Joey is finally walking normally!
See his Recovey page for Therapy and
Recovery Photos   Joey's Surgery

July, 2007 - Joey weighs 12.5 pounds

May 2008 - Joey weighs 15 pounds (weight gain was
due to extra food during the recovery period. Joey is
now on a strict diet)

December 2008, Joey and Frankie are doing well,
They are healthy with no problems

Frankie and Joey are doing well, however,
Frankie has a large fatty tumor under his tail, doctors
say it is benign, most likely will eventually be a major issue

June 19, 2010, Joey tries again for a 2nd CD AKC Leg, but
we NQ again. Joe did excellent, but just couldn't do the
off leash heeling without sniffing, proud of him anyway
and I think he had fun! The rest of the run was excellent!

Friankie due for tumor removal at end of month... more details later..

Tumor Removal Very Successful! A good recovery, no laster problems!

Summer 2010, Sammy continues to improve in agility!

Sept 11, 2010, Our First DachsieFest in 3 years! Sam and Joey go, Frankie
stayed home with sitter. Joey won FIRST PLACE in the MOST TRICKS CONTEST!
He was EXCELLENT! He also won first place in the Dachsund Races! Go JOEY!!
We also won a lot of raffles!

August 2011; Joey has a Back Setback!
OH NO! He is almost down on the right rear side;
Joey is taken for MRI and is prepared for surgery only to discover that it
is scar tissue from his previous surgery causing disc compression.
He is sent home to be on pred and 8 weeks of crate rest. After only 3 weeks,
he is much better but stays on crate rest.

September 10, 2011; We all go to DoxieFest 2011! Frankie, Joey and Sammy
had a blast! Joey was still on crate rest so we bought a cheap stroller
to wheel around both Frank and Joe. Joey was given the OK to perform
some easy tricks, he did wonderful as always! We won tons of raffles PLUS
we won the Cadillac Stroller, so we donated our cheap stroller!

September 11, 2011; Very sad news.... Only 5 hours after we returned from
DoxieFest, my Dad, Henry Krause DIED! We were devastated by the news,
we did get to his bedside before he died.. so sad.. he will be missed by all
Rest In Peace, Dad, be with the Angels and with Mom....

February 2012 - Joey comes out of retirement to train
in Nose Scent Classes at our
favorite training facility For Your Canine

Aug 25, 2012; Joey passed his ORT (Odor Recognition Test)
Now on to a Trial!

October 6, 2012; Joey went to his first
Mock Nose Scent Trial, He was great, Mom wasn't....
He passed 2 out of the 4 Elements, We go to
Scent trial on Oct 28, 2012

October 29, 2012, Joey went to his first Nose Scent Trial,
we passed all FOUR elements with Flying Colors and Titled!
It was a difficult trial in cold weather, but Joey stayed
in his stroller and we were thrilled with the win!
Joey earned his 38th title with a NW1 title!

Joey is the Ninth Dachshund in the Country to
earn the NW1 and is the first and only dachshund
so far to earn the title in Illinois!

April 2013, Joey entered in May 2013 Nose Work Level 2 trial,
We are in Training and we are IN IT TO WIN IT!!

May 2013 - Joey did't get the Level 2 Nose work Title, but he
did wondeful! Found most of the difficult Hides!
Back to Training for the Fall Trial!

April 14, Joey passed his
ANISE ORT (Odor Recognition Test)

June 2013 - Joey learns to search for the Clove Odor!

July, 2013 - Joey learning to 'play piano'!

Aug 4, 2012; Joey passed his
CLOVE ORT (Odor Recognition Test)

September 1, 2013; Our 1st C-Wags Nose Scent Trial!
Did great, got 3 out of 4 legs but false
Alerted on 1 room, all boxes, scents were
Birch and Cypress, did a good job!

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Progress Report for 2005 to the Present

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