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Joey's Continued Progress Report - 2004/2005:

Graduates from NW Obedience Club in
Puppy Agility - Wins First Place in
Trick Contest - January 10, 2004

Masters the Weave Polls (12) - January 2004

Begins Advanced Beginners Agility at
NW Obedience Club - March 2, 2004

Celebrates First Birthday - March 3, 2004

Joey (and Nancy & Frankie) All Start
on Raw Diet - March 23, 2004

Joey Starts Rally Obedience at
PawLaw Academy - April, 2004

Joey Starts Outdoor Intermediate Agility Training
At the Palatine Canine Center - May 19, 2004

Joey Begins SkateBoard Training - May 31, 2004

Joey Learns a "Reading" Trick - June, 2004

Joey Learns to Balance Cup on his Head - June 15, 2004
Joey now Balances Any Item on his Head - June 17, 2004

Joey gets a Qualifying Score & First Place
in his First Teacup Trial - July 11, 2004!

Joey Learns to Work his GumBall Machine - July 27, 2004

Joey gets his Second Qualifying Agility Score
in the Standard Class, Plus Three First Places
and a First Qualifying Score in the Games Class
at Cornell, IL - August 8, 2004!

Joey wins his Novice Teacup Agility TITLE (TBAD)
in Standard Class (First Place) and a Second Leg
in Games I (2nd Place)(Indianapolis) - Aug 15, 2004

Joey wins FIRST PRIZE in the Best Trick Contest
at MidWest DachsieFest
in Danville, IL for Skateboard Riding -
Sept 11, 2004!

Joey is one of the Agility Demo Dogs for
NW Obedience Club at the
Holistic Animal Fair in Barrington - Sept 25, 2004

Joey's First Tracking Class - Oct 3, 2004

Joey wins another Novice Teacup Agility TITLE
Beginning Games Title (TGI)
in Peoria (indoors) - October 10, 2004

Starts Rally Obedience classes at
NW Obedience Club - Oct 8, 2004

Teacup Agility Nationals - Oct 16-17, 2004
Joe didn't do well, better
luck next year.

Joey Starts Advanced Obedience/Rally Classes
at PawLaw Academy - October, 2004

Joey Enters his First AKC Jumpers Trial!
(WAGS), Spring Grove, IL Nov 13-14, 2004,
Qualifies with a 2nd Place in
BOTH Runs! Our First 2 Legs in
AKC NJP (Novice Jumpers Preferred)

Joey gets his CGC Certificate
(Canine Good Citizen) - November 20, 2004

Joey learns to Retrieve Obedience
Dumbell - December, 2004

Joey gets his first AKC Rally Leg
WI - January 2, 2005

Joey starts attending a Ring Rental
on Sundays, Feb 2005 at
For Your Canine
A lovely new training facility in
Schiller Park, IL

Joey starts another Rally Class
February 28, 2005 at For Your Canine
Schiller Park, IL

Joey receives his Award Plaque
from NOCI - March 2005

Joey and I attend a Bud Houston
Agility Seminar on
April 10, 2005 at For Your Canine
Schiller Park, IL

May, 2005 - Joey and I begin UKC training
at the former Windy City Agility Club
in Franklin Park

June 1, 2005 - Joey and I participate in our
1st CPE Fun Match at For Your Canine
Schiller Park, IL

July, 2005 - Joey earns his AKC NJP TITLE
and his RL-1 Rally TITLE!

August, 2005, Joey earns 1st legs in
CPE Agility, Level 2

Sept, 2005, Joey wins 1st Place in
Best Trick Contest st DoxieFest AGAIN!

Sept 2005, Joey wins his UAGI and

Sept 2005 - Joey and I participate a
rally and agility demo at For Your Canine
Schiller Park, IL

Dec 2005, Joey gets CPE Level 2
Agilty titles!

December, 2005 - Joey weighs 12.5 pounds

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