Joey's Early Training Continued!
August-November, 2003

I have extended Joey's agility training a little,
even though he is still young for agility!
I had a hard time keeping him off the big
equipment, so I just lowered the equipment
and continued to train him on the big kid
stuff. He really seems to love it! His favorite
training tool is a clump of my sod rather than
a treat! He has a lot of enthusiasm!
Hopefully it will continue!

Joey graduated from The Obedience Center"
in Sept 2003! Here is his first
certificate and a photo of his
graduating class!

dipl grad

Our Back Yard Training!
My favorite photo of Joey flying
through the tire!

A cute view of Joe's rear exit from the tire!


Up and Over the big A-Frame!

The Dog Walk has been lowered for Joey!

The teeter is also lowered, but is much
bigger than the baby teeter he
first learned on only a month ago!


Joey learns the weave polls with ease at only 6 months old!

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Joey's First Trial
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