Favorite Photos of Joey's Nose Scent Trial!
Joliet, IL; October 28, 2012, LEVEL 1
And Other Memorable Moments!
Also, below are Progress and News Notes

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Joey's Continued Progress Report - 2012 to the Present:

February 2012 - Joey comes out of retirement to train
in Nose Scent Classes at our
favorite training facility For Your Canine

Aug 25, 2012; Joey passed his
BIRCH ORT (Odor Recognition Test)
Now on to a Trial!

And for yet ANOTHER year, Joey won
FIRST Place in the Best Trick Contest
at DachsieFest 2012!
He was a shining star as always!

October 6, 2012; Joey went to his first
Mock Nose Scent Trial, He was great, Mom wasn't....
He qualified and passed 2 out of the 4 Elements,
We go to Scent trial on Oct 28, 2012 in Joliet

October 29, 2012, Joey went to his first Nose Scent Trial,
we passed all FOUR elements with Flying Colors and Titled!
It was a difficult trial in cold, windy weather, but Joey rode
in his stroller and we were thrilled with the win!
Joey earned his 38th title with a NS1 title!

Joey is the Ninth Dachshund in the Country to
earn the NW1 and is the first and only dachshund
so far to earn the title in Illinois!

April 2013, Joey entered in May 2013 Nose Work Level 2 trial,
We are in Training and we are IN IT TO WIN IT!!

May 2013 - Joey did't get the Level 2 Nose work Title, but he
did wondeful! Found most of the difficult Hides!
Back to Training for the Fall Trial!

April 14, Joey passed his
ANISE ORT (Odor Recognition Test)

June 2013 - Joey learns to search for the Clove Odor!

July, 2013 - Joey learning to 'play piano'!

Aug 4, 2012; Joey passed his
CLOVE ORT (Odor Recognition Test)

September 1, 2013; Our 1st C-Wags Nose Scent Trial!
Did great, got 3 out of 4 legs but false
Alerted on 1 room, all boxes, scents were
Birch and Cypress, did a good job!

September 7, 2013; DoxieFest 2013! Joey won 1st Place
AGAIN by 'Playing Piano, Singing" then he carried
an Applause Sign around the Stage! PROUD!!

November 2013 - Sadly, Joey did't get the Level 2 Nose work Title,
but he did well! He is improving with ignoring those food bags!
Disappointed, but now back to
Training for the Spring Trial!
See More Level 2 photos on NW2 Photos!

December 2013 - Joey earns a C-Wags Scent title;
CW-SP title - Level 1; Just misses the Level 2 title, good job!

More Photos of Joey, Frankie and Sammy
and also DoxieFest 2012 and 2013!

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